City of Hamilton – Green Your Routine

  • Designed Online Ads (some with animation) and Print Ads.
  • Designed Transit Shelter Posters and Bus Back Ads.
  • Designed Truck Wraps, Bench Ads, and Digital Billboards.

While at Pier 8 Group, I had a long association with the City of Hamilton’s waste management department. I was involved in promoting all the City’s waste diversion campaigns. To encourage residents to use their green bin for food scraps, I developed an eye-catching green fish bone image to catch people’s attention and remind them to use their green bin.

A Green Your Routine Pledge was started where people were encouraged to take the pledge to use their green bins. An event was held at City Hall that featured the truck wrap. “I took the Green Your Routine Pledge” photo frames were designed where people could get their photo taken to post on social media.

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