City of Hamilton – Put Waste in the Right Place

  • Developed the Recycling Superman Cartoon to be used throughout the campaign.
  • Designed Booklets, Newspaper Ads, Online Ads, and Posters.
  • The Recycling and Waste Guide was produced in 11 different languages including English, Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, Tagalog, and Urdu.

While at Pier 8 Group, I had a long association with the City of Hamilton’s waste management department. I was involved in promoting all the City’s waste diversion campaigns. Work included designing online and printed pieces for recycling and waste collection for residential, apartments, and businesses.

While at Pier 8 Group, I created a superhero mascot who shows residents how to “Put Waste in the Right Place”. I designed many newspaper ads, online ads, outdoor advertising, waste sorting guides, posters, collection vehicle graphics and other marketing materials that helped promote participation in the community’s waste and recycling programs.

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