City of Hamilton – Snow Removal Campaign

  • Created Illustrations
  • Designed Digital Billboards
  • Designed Bus Back Ads
  • Designed Online Ads (Big Box, Leaderboard, Double Skyscraper, and Mobile Banner)
  • Designed Newspaper Print Ads
  • Designed CHCH TV Multi-Zone Ads

Keeping the roads clear of snow is a big job in the City of Hamilton. But it becomes even more of a challenge when motorists park their cars on snow routes during a storm or when home owners throw their snow on the street instead of on their lawns. Educating residents about what to do when it snows is the goal of an annual print, digital, and broadcast campaign.

As a winter storm approaches, a series of ads I created, while at Pier 8 Group, are posted on local TV, the Weather Network app, and popular local websites like There are also print ads in the Spec and digital billboards displayed around Hamilton. There are five ads in total, each providing a tip to help motorists and residents cope with the snow.

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