Halton Newcomer Strategy – Strategic Plan

  • While at Pier 8 Group, I designed the Halton Newcomer Strategic Plan incorporating a maple leaf design on the cover with a diversity of people in the circles. (The report came out in the year of Canada’s 150th birthday).
  • The inside of the report featured people in circles and various graphs, icons, and timelines to make the information more appealing to read.

Newcomers who arrive each year as immigrants need help in finding housing, jobs, language training, and other services that will allow them to become fully integrated, self-supporting members of our communities. In Halton Region, the planning of settlement services is led by a community partnership called the Halton Newcomer Strategy (HNS).

The Halton Newcomer Strategic Plan sets out the initiatives and actions that the organization is undertaking to achieve its settlement goals. In the spirit of Canada 150, my design solution incorporated Canada’s maple leaf and the images of individuals and families who benefit from the programs and services that are offered to newcomers of all ages and ethnicities.

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