Halton Region – Transportation Master Plan

  • Designed the “The Road to Change” branding.
  • Designed the look of the binder and the 16 inside reports, while keeping to the established Halton Region Branding Guidelines.
  • Designed Posters and Powerpoint Slideshow elements.

A long-term transportation master plan must address a wide range of community planning issues, including projections for population growth; the need for new roadways; ideas for expanding public transit; and environmental concerns, to name a few. It must also present this information in a way that makes it accessible to the public and decision-makers, whose job it is to choose the right path.

Halton Region’s Transportation Master Plan has many components, including a “Main Report” and 16 “Working Papers”. While at Pier 8 Group, I created a visual identity to differentiate the various planning themes, using a vibrant, yet harmonious colour palette, that conforms with the Region’s visual identity guidelines. I also designed posters and slideshow elements to support the consultation process.

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