Healthy Living Peel – Community Partners for Health and Wellness

  • Logo Design features people playing with a red ball to encourage being active and living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Designed a Logo Usage Guide and Specialty Items, including a Red Ball to go with with the logo theme.
  • Designed a Postcard that features the red ball growing as the Peel Heart Health Network is growing stronger and transforms into the new Healthy Living Peel.

Healthy Living Peel is a community-based network that draws together all of the organizations that are working to prevent chronic disease. It aims to educate the public about the risk factors that contribute to heart disease, lung disease, Type 2 diabetes, and cancer. The common message of all the health promotion agencies is to eat healthy foods, avoid smoking, and be physically active.

The logo I created while at Pier 8 Group, attempts to capture this with the image of healthy, active individuals – which is the positive message we want to convey. Bright, bold and colourful, the logo perfectly captures what Healthy Living Peel is designed to do.

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