MLPAO – Medical Laboratory Professionals’ Association of Ontario

  • My Logo Design consists of three drops of blood that overlap to form the petals of a trillium, the official flower and symbol of Ontario. Where the petals overlap, a second trillium is formed at the centre. (Project for Pier 8 Group Integrated Marketing)
  • The Logo Usage Guide includes English, French and bilingual versions of the logo.
  • I also designed stationery.

Medical laboratory professionals are at the centre of healthcare in Ontario. While most MLPs work in labs that are invisible to the general public, the work they do provides physicians with the vital information they need to make accurate diagnoses and prescribe medical treatment.

The MLPAO embraces ALL medical lab professionals, including technologists, technicians and laboratory assistants.

These three groups are represented in the convergence of the three blood drops that form the trillium symbol. Each drop is rendered in a slightly different colour, to represent the range of biological samples, serums and other medical specimens that MLPs may collect, test and analyze. Medical laboratory science is a diverse field, covering a wide range of activities, from the testing of blood and tissue to DNA testing.

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