Niagara Region – Rethink Your Waste


  • Silver Award – Recycling Council of Ontario’s Waste Minimization Awards.
  • Award of Merit for Marketing – Canadian Public Relations Society (Hamilton chapter) Pinnacle Awards.


  • Created the “Rethink Your Waste” Green Haired Man branding image to be used throughout the campaign.
  • Designed a Brand Usage Guide, Flyers, Roll-up Banners, and Postcards.
  • Designed Bus Back Posters, and Truck Wraps.

Rethink your waste is Niagara Region’s brand for curbside recycling and waste collection. It focuses on the need for residents to think about how they can reduce their waste by participating in all of the community’s recycling programs. My graphic solution, created while at Pier 8 Group, asks residents to keep their environmental responsibilities “top of mind” when they are sorting and recycling their waste each week. Both humorous and eye-catching, this brand is now prominently displayed on all Niagara waste collection trucks and all of the Region’s waste diversion marketing materials.

In the 12 months following the service rollout, residential waste diversion across the Region rose to 50.4% from 42.5% – reversing a multi-year decline the community had experienced in the years prior to the campaign. Despite initial concerns about resident resistance to a one-bag garbage limit, more than 99% of households complied with the limit within the first six months. Multi-residential properties also embraced the changes. Today, 80% of large multi-residential properties are using the Region’s recycling services, as compared to 39% before.

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